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Les meilleures idées de domotique - Rendez votre maison intelligente en 2022

Voici une liste des 36 meilleures idées domotiques pour vous inspirer pour votre maison intelligente en 2022.

After spending several days researching the best smart home companies and their star products, I came up with a list of the best maison intelligente ideas. I have personally tried some of them and love them. Hopefully, you will like them, too.

This home automation list is very useful and will enhance your life in many ways. Read on!

Lighting Automation Ideas

a woman control the light dimming through phone

Smart Dimming

  • Turn the lights on and off with Amazon Alexa or Google Home using voice commands.
  • Dim the smart light to the desired level using the APP on your smartphone.
  • Automate the smart lights to turn on and off at random intervals to make it seem like someone is home when you’re away.
  • Set the light to gradually brighten during the period you set in the morning to wake you up.
  • Set the light to simulate a sunset to soothe you and your children to sleep at night.
  • Manage all the lights of your home from a smartphone app or simply with a button press.

Ambient Light 

  • Select a different light color for every festive scene on your smartphone.
  • Set the light temperature to cold white for daily needs and warm white for a cozy glow. 
  • Sync your lights to your favorite music and dance with the light. 
  • Create a more impressive gaming experience with an RGB light bar in your gaming room. Gamers can fully immerse themselves in virtual worlds.
  • Put the ambient light behind the TV to create the right atmosphere while watching movies. 
  • Have a soft ambient light on in the spa room while enjoying your spa session.
  • Turn on an ambient light near the stereo when you’re having mommy/daddy time.

Smart Desk Lamp

  • The lamp turns on automatically when it detects a human presence near the desk. 
  • By automatically dimming and brightening the light, it provides energy-efficient and eye-pleasing illumination.
  • The lamp detects the sitting posture and sends a reminder when the position is incorrect.
  • Set a timer for when you need to take a break from staring at the screen. 

Home Automation Ideas

a motorized blind in smart home

Motorized curtain

  • Control your curtains through a mobile app at any time even when you’re away from home. 
  • Set the curtains to open or close automatically at sunrise or sunset with preset automation. 
  • Group the curtains on the mobile app to manage all curtains and shades together.
  • Trigger the motor to operate automatically when you’re pulling the curtain. 

Automatic Lifting Table 

  • Adjust the height of the desk with a click of a button when you feel like a break from sitting. 
  • The desk memorizes the desk heights that you’re comfortable with. 
  • Cable management system to avoid clutter on your desk. 
  • There is a wireless charging spot on the smart desk to make charging your phone easier. 

Automatic Window Opener

  • Open the window automatically when it’s warm and close it when it’s cold to ensure a comfortable temperature.
  • Open or close the window by the touch-sensitive switch or control on the mobile app. 

Garage Door Opener

  • Control the garage door on your phone, opening it and closing it from anywhere. 
  • Get alerts when the garage door is opened.
  • Confirm the garage door is truly closed anytime when you have doubts. 
  • Amazon Key lets you receive Amazon packages and groceries inside your garage securely and without contact.
  • Secure and monitor the garage from your smartphone. 

Smart Fingerbot

  • Control any switch at your house remotely through your smartphone.
  • Turn on the bedside lamp with the bot while you’re lying in the bed.
  • Get the morning coffee ready for you by controlling the start button on your phone. 
  • Turn on the TV in time so that you will not miss your favorite TV show. 
  • Automat the on/off of your computer when you need to. 
  • Feed your lovely pet while you’re away by simply tapping the button on your smartphone. 

Automated Cleaning

  • Robot vacuum cleaner starts and stops cleaning the house with voice commands or via mobile phone.
  • Schedule the cleaning time and monitor the real-time cleaning status anytime anywhere through the smartphone App. 
  • Mop and sweep all hard floor surfaces with a robot mop. 
  • Search for obstacles in its path to protect furniture, rugs, and wall before the robot mop starts to spray.
  • Automatically scrub dirt and stains on the floors.
  • Mop and sweep small spaces in kitchens and bathrooms.

Security Automation Ideas

an outdoor security camera

Smart Door Lock

  • The smart door lock auto-locks itself when you close the door behind you.
  • Send your cleaner a temporary e-key for access when you’re out and about. It can be single access or access for an entire month.
  • Push notifications tell you when your doors get opened and when they closed so you know exactly when people come and go. 
  • Customize your dates and times and send guests access codes to be used. 
  • Shuffles the numbers displayed on the screen every time uninvited strangers attempt to guess the code to your door.  
  • Disables the screen due to incorrect guesses to make it nearly impossible to guess the correct code.
  • Simply unlock the door with the app from anywhere in the world to let your family and guests in when there’s no one at home.

Indoor Security Camera

  • See the inside of your home on your smartphone and get alerts right on the smartphone whenever motion is detected.
  • Customize the motion detection zones so you’re only alerted to the movements that matter to you. 
  • Hear and talk back to your family, friends, or visitors through the app.

Outdoor Security Camera

  • Control the camera to rotate to cover every angle of your house. Monitor the whole front porch, back yard, and blind corners.
  • Watch your children playing in the backyard without any worries. 
  • Receive motion notifications and know exactly what happens around your house when you’re out. 
  • Get a clear view of the outside of your house in the dark. 

Security Alarm

  • Receive mobile notifications when the alarm is triggered. 
  • You will know any time a door or window at your house is opened.
  • Disarm the interior sensors and keep the exterior sensors when you put the system in home mode.
  • Arm all sensors at your house to know what happens while you’re out. 
  • Disarm all sensors to talk freely in and out of your when needed. 

Video Doorbell

  • See, hear and speak to anyone at your front door from anywhere with the video doorbell. 
  • Receive real-time notifications when visitors arrive and press your doorbell.
  • Adjust your motion setting to focus on specific areas and opt out of receiving certain notifications.

Smoke Alarm

  • Your smoke detector and carbon monoxide detector will speak up in a friendly voice to alert you when there is smoke or CO present in your home.
  •  As well as detecting fast-burning, it can also detect smoldering, thus pointing out where danger may lie.
  • Receive phone alerts even when you are away from home to be aware of any problems.

Smart Water Monitor

  • Turn on/off the water manually from the app.
  • The smart water shutoff automatically turns off the water for you and protects the home from catastrophic flooding. 
  • Keep an eye on the entire water system in your home, including behind the walls and in the foundation, to identify leaks as small as a drop per minute.
  • Assess how much water you consume daily and set goals that will encourage you to save money and water.

Smart Kitchen Ideas

Control kitchen gadgets through the APP

Smart Kettle

  • Boil water remotely with your phone anywhere and anytime.
  • Schedule operations and keep water at the right temperature.
  • Control it with your voice using devices like Google Assistant or Alex.
  • An intelligent kettle would certainly come in handy for anyone who drinks a lot of tea or uses plenty of hot water in general.

Smart Blender

  • Make smoothies, soups, and frozen desserts conveniently without having to be there.
  • Blend sweet fruit for a refreshing drink that is both healthy and tasty.
  • Achieve the right consistency whenever you process recipes manually with the help of the timer.
  • Blender automatically adjusts program settings and maximum blend times based on container size.
  • Run your machine at its highest speed with warm water and a drop of dish soap to get it cleaned. 

Taste-elevating Spoon

  • The smart spoon generates a mild electric current to stimulate the tongue and alter taste.
  • Reduce your intake of sugar and salt with low-calorie foods and better tastes. 

Smart Garbage Disposals

  • Reduce food waste by breaking down food scraps into smaller particles to fit the home’s sewer pipes.
  • Sorts liquids from solids, depositing the solids in a scent-proof container that can be emptied into your backyard compost pile.

Smart Meat Thermometer

  • Keep a close eye on your food temperatures with a smartphone alert that notifies you when it is ready!
  • Plan your meal and manage your time by estimating how long food will need to cook and rest.
  • Enjoy delicious, consistent results with every meal you prepare.

Smart Drink System

  • Make your cocktail and margarita at home.
  • Put a cocktail capsule into your drink mixer machine, select your preferred strength and press mix. Your perfect drink will be ready in seconds.
  • Keep drinks tasting their best with an automatic rinse cycle.

Smart Bathroom Ideas

a woman pressing a button on the smart mirror screen in bathroom

Smart Bathroom Mirror

  • Receive information such as the date and time, daily news, weather forecasts, and traffic reports through the digital display behind the glass.
  • Turn on the LED light on the mirror when you do your mark-up to get a clear view.
  • Listen to your favorite music through the smart mirror speaker as you relax in the hot tub.

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Automatic soap dispenser

  • Put your hand under the nozzle and the dispenser will dispense precisely measured amounts of soap.
  • Touch-free operation eliminates the possibility of cross-infection.

Electronic Bidet Toilet Seat

  • Auto-open and auto-close lids as you approach and depart, so you don’t have to lift a finger.
  • Remotely adjust and personalize the water cleansing settings.
  • Streams of constant and continuous warm water provide gentle, yet effective cleaning every time you use the toilet.
  • Maintain a clean toilet bowl by reducing waste after every use.
  • Air deodorizers neutralize bathroom odors with powerful filters.
  • Keep your toilet seat warm even in the coldest of winters.

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Smart Weight Scale

  • Gain insights into your fitness routine by tracking your progress daily/weekly/monthly.
  • Track your baby’s growth with the convenient Baby Mode.

Comfortable Home Automation Ideas

a screen shows the room temperature

Temperature Control Automation

  • The air conditioner automatically turns on when the indoor temperature exceeds a preset value, like 29°C.
  • The air conditioner automatically turns off when the temperature drops below a predetermined level, like 23°C.
  • The heating system automatically turns on to heat the room when the indoor temperature drops below a lower preset value, like 12°C.

Humidity Control Automation 

  • Smart humidifiers automatically adjust mist output based on the level of humidity in your room. They can detect excessive humidity and automatically adjust the output.
  • Humidity levels between 40 and 60% are optimum for human comfort.  Mold and fungus thrive in humid environments, and most bacteria and viruses do as well. Eczema and nasal discomfort can worsen when the air is too dry.
  • The smart humidifier dynamically regulates air humidity to the optimum level.

Ventilation Automation

  • Control the temperature and humidity levels of your crawlspace, basement, attic, and garage with the smart ventilator.
  • Program them to automatically adjust to high or low temperatures and humidity levels.
  • Set the fans to run continuously or on a timer at custom speeds. 
  • Freshen up your space by removing stale air and bringing in the fresh air.

Smart Garden Ideas

A woman is holding a pad to in the garden

Robotic Lawn Mower

  • Remotely control the robotic lawn mower via the mobile app to measure the mowing path, adjust the cutting height and plan the automatic mowing route. 
  • Get rid of one of the most daunting summers chores in the garden. 
  • All you need to do is watch it dart around your lawn and keep it in good shape.

Smart Indoor Garden

  • The smart indoor garden automates the planting process.
  • Our plants receive care even when we are not at home.
  • Sensors monitor temperature, humidity, light intensity, soil moisture, and water level, and adjust them automatically.

Smart Water Sprinkler

  • Set up customized watering schedules for each area of your yard on the controller.
  • A seasonal adjustment allows for longer watering in hot and dry months and shorter watering in cool and rainy months.
  • When it rains, the program suspends watering and resumes when the delay ends.

Smart Pet Life Ideas

a dog staring at a smart feeder

Smart Pet Feeder

  • Feed the pets on a schedule and in portions. Program rules by timer and portion to help pets develop healthy eating habits.
  • See and talk to loved ones with the video and two-way audio. Your pet will never feel lonely even if they spend the day alone.
  • Smart pet feeders can also capture and share pet’s happy moments.
  • You can control the feeder remotely and give your pets an extra meal while you’re away.
  • Smart sensors detect food balance continuously. A red LED will alert you to food shortages. 
  • Get a notification on your App when it is time to replenish. 

Smart Pet Water Fountain

  • Pets will drink cleaner water with the smart pet water fountain.
  • It will notify you when the fountain’s filter needs to be replaced by sending out a push notification.

Smart Laser Toy

  • Laser toys stimulate cats’ hunting and chasing instincts, keep them entertained, and prevent obesity.
  • This laser light automatically turns on schedule and has multiple tracks to tease your pet.

Automatic Dog Ball Launcher

  • There is simply no better way to relieve your arm pain and your pet’s steadily growing belly than with a dog ball launcher.
  • Get your dogs amused by letting them play fetch with the automatic ball launcher. 
  • Limit the amount of time your dogs can play with the launcher since excess play can also lead to injury.

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Have you come up with any brilliant ideas that weren’t on this list? Let us know in the comments!

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