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Comment choisir la meilleure caméra de judas pour votre appartement ?

Searching for the best peephole camera? 

Peephole cameras provide another layer of security to your home and help you find out who’s at the door before you open it. Kids and short adults will especially benefit from it. A peephole camera with a screen allows them to see who is at the door without the need to stand tall enough to see through the hole.  

To pick a quality peephole camera, you’ll need to keep several things in mind to make sure you get the most from this security camera.

Here are some tips on how to choose the best peephole camera for your apartment.

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Why Do You Need A Peephole Camera?

Peephole cameras are perfect for people who can’t modify their apartment. 

Apartment renters may face the problem that their apartment regulations prohibit them from adding exterior decor without permission.

Installing a visible camera unit will result in a fine from the building management. This is when a peephole camera makes perfect sense. 

A peephole camera is usually wire-free. All you need to do is replace your old peephole with this peephole camera. No new holes will be drilled in the door. This is perfect for you living in an apartment complex. 

Best Peephole Camera: What To Consider In 2022

Video recording or just pictures?

Make sure you read the peephole specifications carefully before making a purchase. Some peephole cameras can record a live feed of what’s happening outside your door, while some others can only take a still image. 

If your primary reason for installing a peephole camera is catching package thieves or getting video evidence if an intruder breaks in, opt for a model that records video.

If you simply want to see who’s at your door and hear what they have to say, go with a model that only takes pictures. 

Either way, make sure it can record both videos and still images before making a purchase decision. 

Power source: rechargeable built-in battery or AA batteries?

Some peephole cameras come with rechargeable built-in batteries while others use AA batteries.

Using AA batteries will require you to change batteries every several months. And with some models, the battery compartment might be difficult to open. While with built-in rechargeable battery cameras, you only need to recharge them when needed. 

Smart home integration

There are other considerations beyond power sources that you will want to weigh as well. One of them is the compatibility with the Smart Home system.

Can the peephole camera be set up with your maison intelligente ecosystem, giving you access to a greater level of control? Does it allow you to connect with popular smart home platforms like Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, IFTTT, etc?

Viewing angle

The viewing angle of a peephole camera is going to be an important consideration too, particularly if you’re installing it in your apartment or condo and want a view of what’s happening outside.

For home security purposes, you may want a wide viewing angle that can catch everything around your door. Even though manufacturers claim to have wide angles, some peephole cameras still have a narrow field of vision. 

Just double check you can have a wide view before making the purchase, especially the view below the camera level!

Night vision

Most manufacturers say their peephole camera comes with a night vision. But do they really work?

Many buyers leave reviews saying that if there’s a light near the camera at night, it will white out the picture. Or, in backlit situations, you can only see a silhouette of the visitor against the well-lit background.

Therefore, make sure you choose the best peephole that comes with night vision which really works!

Local storage vs cloud storage

The key function of a peephole camera is to record visitor images at doorsteps and keep the digital log files that can be replayed. But how to choose between local storage and cloud storage?

Most peephole cameras have a microSD card slot which allows you to record footage for longer periods without an internet connection. Some manufacturers also offer cloud storage in addition to (or as an alternative to) local storage. 

Local storage refers to storing digital data on physical storage devices, such as SD cards. 

Cloud storage refers to storing digital data in an online space that spans multiple servers and locations, and it is usually maintained by a hosting company. 

Pick an option based on what you need. 

Our Concerns About Peephole Cameras

High-off-the-ground peephole

In cases where you install a peephole camera in the front door of your house without a porch (only the front steps), the camera is not able to see anybody at the bottom of the steps due to the height of the door.

Only records when the motion sensor is triggered

Peephole cameras are wire free and powered by a battery. To save battery life, they only record when the sensor is triggered. You might miss what has happened if the camera response time is slow.


What is a peephole camera?

A peephole camera is a small device that can be attached directly to your peephole. This allows you to see who’s on your doorstep through the digital screen. 

While some peephole cameras come with limited functionality, there are many more advanced versions with remote viewing capabilities, as well as audio and video capture.

Is it legal to install a peephole camera in my apartment complex?

This is not illegal. It’s up to the property owner/landlord whether it’s allowed.

You should check your lease agreement for anything that mentions “making alterations” or similar. You can also call the manager to clarify.

Ideally, you should explain the reasoning to your property manager and ask for their permission before you do anything else.

What happened to the Ring peephole camera?

Sadly, the Ring Peephole Cam, once the best available, is no longer available. Ring stopped selling the item on their website in April 2021, and the item is also not available on other online stores today. The Ring Peephole Cam has been replaced by Ring’s standard video doorbell.

How to install a peephole camera?

The installation of a peephole camera is hassle-free. You don’t have to be an expert to install it, nor do you have to drill a hole in the front door. 

All you need to do is follow the video tutorial or user manual the manufacturers provide. Attach it to the existing peephole using the provided screws.

Prior to purchase, however, you should measure the thickness of your door. The screws might be too long if your door frame isn’t deep enough. 

Is the peephole camera worth it?

Every time a doorbell rings, you have a split second to decide whether you should answer. Some people immediately look through their peephole to see who’s there before answering; others don’t bother, relying on their sense of hearing and experience instead.

A video peephole can give you more information about who’s at your door before you answer it. Video peepholes are relatively inexpensive and easy to install, so there’s no reason not to consider getting one installed in your apartment.

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