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Comment choisir les meilleures toilettes intelligentes en 2022 ?

Consider buying a smart toilet? Not sure which one is the best smart toilet? Before making the switch from a traditional toilet to a smart toilet, you need to know what you’re getting into.

Smart technology is gaining popularity. So do smart toilets. Smart toilets come in many types, from a basic self-cleaning model to a fully automated toilet that includes everything from functions like a bidet and automatic lid open/close to internet connectivity and app integration.

What are the most valuable innovative features and what are the least useful? If you want to find the right smart toilet for your home, you’ve come to the right place.

Here’s everything you need to know about the buying best smart toilet.

Read on!

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What Features To Look For When Buying The Best Smart Toilet?

From our own experience, we have compiled a list of must-have features, nice-to-have features, luxury features, and not-so-useful features.

Hopefully, this will assist you in making an informed decision when it comes to selecting the best smart toilet for your home.

best smart toilet features to look for

Must-have Smart toilet features

Usefulness ❤❤❤❤❤

‍‍1. Built-in Bidet-Posterior and Feminine Wash

This is the most basic of smart toilet features and the one you’ll probably want first.

A bidet is a toilet attachment that cleans your but with jets of water. Bidets can be used by men and women, and are considered more hygienic than using toilet paper. With an elongated nozzle, it sprays pressurized water sprays onto your posterior and feminine part.

Bidets are common in Europe but are just starting to be popular in the U.S. There are a few benefits to using a bidet, including reducing the risk of urinary tract infections.

Make sure it has both posterior and feminine cleaning options.

Posterior cleaning is for both men and women.

Feminine cleaning is for women. It sprays water from a nozzle toward the front of your vagina. The use of toilet paper in this area can lead to bacteria spreading. This option makes women’s lives much easier when they’re on their periods.

Note: make sure the nozzle is made of antibacterial material like stainless steel and preferably self-cleaning. More on this in the smart toilet hardware part.

2. Heated seat

A heated seat is also a must-have feature on a smart toilet. The warm toilet heated seat will make your toilet experience more comfortable, especially in cold weather. 

The seat can be set to keep warm for 24 hours, at 3 different temperatures, according to your preferences. As a result, you’ll always have a warm heated seat when you use the toilet.

3. Self-cleaning

Self-cleaning toilet bowl

When it comes to smart toilets, a self-cleaning function is a must. It’s the main reason why you want to invest in a smart toilet in the first place. Your toilet will automatically clean itself after each use. 

It can help to reduce the amount of time it takes to clean the toilet. And help to eliminate any potential bacteria or dirt buildup in the bowl. Moreover, it can help to keep the toilet looking and smelling fresh and clean.

Self-cleaning nozzle

When the nozzle is extended or retracted, it self-cleans by automatically spraying a small stream of water. It would be even better if the nozzle is detachable. The stick is also called self cleaning wand.

Why is it so important? Because the nozzle sprays water on our sensitive parts, the cleanness of the nozzle is of great importance. Therefore, I think the smart toilet nozzle must be one of those: antibacterial nozzle, nozzle self-cleaning, and detachable nozzle.

Smart Toilets Nice-to-Have Features

Usefulness: ❤❤❤❤

Here’s a list of nice-to-have features of smart toilets, which can add to your overall toilet experience.

1. Built-in bidet– moving water rod

The water rod/wand moves forward and back so you don’t have to “dance” around to get both your rear and front cleaned. 

This is a handy feature to have if you want an extra clean toilet experience. Everyone’s body shape is different.

Having moving water wands on the toilet ensures that everyone can get clean without having to "dance" around.

2. Temperature adjustment

You can control the water temperature, seat temperature, and warm air dryer heat settings.

Everyone in your home uses the toilet. Depending on their personal preference, some people might prefer a lower temperature and others might prefer a higher temperature. This is where adjustable water temperature comes in handy. Being able to adjust the temperature of the intelligent toilet will enhance family members’ toilet experience.

3. Massage wash

Pulsed water is created when air is injected into the nozzle to create a massaging sensation and stimulate blood circulation.

4. Air dryer

The warm air dryer will help reduce the moisture left on your body after washing.

Smart Toilets’ Luxury Features

Usefulness: ❤❤❤

Here’s a list of luxury toilet features you can find on smart toilets. The luxury smart toilet will make your toilet experience phenomenal.

1. Auto-flush or hands-free flushing

Automatic flush means the toilet automatically flushes after you finish and stand up.

It’s common sense that automatic flushing saves water and electricity while reducing your cleaning time significantly by eliminating the need for you to manually flush. All you have to do is just sit down and let it do its job once you’re done using it.

Make sure the toilet has dual-flush.

Dual flush feature (partial or full flush) ensures a half flush for liquid waste and a full flush for solid waste.

The dual flush toilet is great in terms of saving water, especially in areas where there is a water shortage or drought.

2. Foot sensor auto flush

Men will benefit from this feature. A foot movement is all it takes for the smart toilet to flush automatically, without you having to bend over to manually push the button.

3. Remote control

Remote control lets you control the smart toilet from a distance. This is particularly useful for the elderly and the handicapped.

4. Air purifier and air deodorizer

The air purifier and air deodorizer in a smart toilet help to remove unpleasant odors from the bathroom air and prevent nasty smells from spreading around your bathroom.

5. Power saving 

It automatically pre-heats the water and toilet seat based on the different usage periods and daily habits of users and automatically stops heating once the toilet has been used to maximize energy savings.

The power-saving feature may seem pointless. Considering how often we use the toilet, it can actually save quite a bit of money each year.

6. Foam shield

The toilet automatically creates a thick foam layer when seated so that the water surface is covered. It isolates odors, prevents water splashes, and resists fouling and bacteria. This is very practical for maintaining a sanitary toilet.

7. Night light

For the safety of the elderly, toilet night lights are very helpful. With its soft light, it does not cause eye strain. Also, it provides a sense of security for children who want to go to the bathroom at night.

8. Smart flushing system

It is an intelligent flush system that automatically controls the amount of water used in accordance with the amount of excrement, thus saving water and reducing pollution.

9. Automatic lid opening/closing

When people approach the lid automatically opens and closes as soon as they leave. Especially beneficial for the disabled or when you don’t want to use your hands.

Additionally, it provides a touch-free toilet experience for improved hygiene.  

10. Pre Water Spray

spread water before each use of the toilet to prevent dirt build-up

It automatically sprays water over the surface of the toilet bowl before every use. Therefore, it is very easy to prevent dirt from building up in the bow and keep it clean. 

Despite its importance, many people overlook this feature. It causes a bit of water, but it helps keep the toilet clean, therefore prolonging the life of the inner wall of the toilet.

11. User memory

Users can set up several preset modes in advance and select a particular mode with a single click when using the toilet. 

Especially for children and the elderly, it is very practical. Having to change to their favorite mode every time may be too difficult for them. Choosing your own preset mode directly with one click is much more convenient.

How To Choose The Best Smart Toilet In Terms Of Hardware?

Functions are known as software, and the material that makes up the smart toilet is called hardware. When deciding on your best smart toilet, here’s a list of what you need to consider when choosing the hardware:

1. Material of the nozzle

 The main materials available on the market include silver ion, antibacterial stainless steel, antibacterial ABS and ordinary resin. 

In terms of antibacterial performance and the cost of nozzles, silver ions > stainless steel = antibacterial ABS > ordinary resin. You get what you pay for. 

If cost is a concern, we recommend stainless steel or ABS antibacterial nozzles.

If you’re seeking quality, silver ions are the best antibacterial option.

If you need ordinary resin materials, choose detachable nozzles that are more hygienic.

2. Water heaters

The water from the bidet is warm because it’s heated in some way. There’re two methods of heating it: reservoir tank water heater and on-demand water heater.

Reservoir tank water heaters

There’s a tank inside your smart toilet. 


Smart toilets using this heating method are typically less expensive and the warm water is ready to use. There will not be any initial cold splash. 


The stored warm water is limited and the tank takes up space.  Additionally, the warm water tank is prone to bacterial growth. This method is almost out of date. 

On-demand water heaters

On-demand water heaters have heating coils that instantly warm the water when it passes through. 


A constant supply of warm water that will never run out. The toilet will be sleek without the bulky tank.


It costs more than its counterpart. It makes a cold splash when the water first heats up. 

Unless you are really on a tight budget, don’t choose smart toilets with reservor tanks. Just go for the smart toilets with on-demand water heaters.

3. Flushing system

No matter how smart a smart toilet is, its core capability is flushing. If the flushing of the toilet is not good, it will lower the user experience. 

There are two main types of flushing methods: washdown flushing and siphonic flushing, and the siphonic is further divided into vortex siphon and jet siphon.

Washdown flushing: loud, fast flushing, relatively small amount of water used, high drainage efficiency, but poor deodorization.

Siphonic: larger water consumption, easier to block compared to washdown flush, low noise, good deodorization.

Make sure you select the flushing type that is appropriate for your family. Today, siphon toilets are also very well designed. With a strong impulse and a good glaze, it will not get blocked easily. 

Due to the silent flushing and deodorization of the siphonic flushing method, most smart toilets are siphonic now.

4. Seat material

The toilet seats have antibacterial material and non-antibacterial material. 

Antibacterial materials are divided into nano antibacterial, silver ion antibacterial, and so on.

Many good smart toilet seats have also passed the SIAA antibacterial certification of the Japan Antibacterial Association.

By using antibacterial material on the toilet seat, you can minimize cross-infection and create a more hygienic environment.

Nano antibacterial toilet seat > Silver ion antibacterial toilet seat > Ordinary toilet seat. 
SIAA Certified Toilet Seat > Not Certified Toilet Seat.

5. Glaze material

Now, the difference in the material of the smart toilet bowl is not very noticeable, almost all of them use glaze.

The glaze is divided into the easy-clean glaze, microcrystalline glaze, anti-fouling glaze, and ordinary glaze. 

Functional glaze>ordinary glaze.

6. Built-in pre-filter

All smart toilets have built-in filters to filter the water from the nozzles. 

The higher-end toilets will also be equipped with a removable pre-filter on the outside to filter the water source of the nozzles for a second time, which is more hygienic. 

With pre-filter > Without pre-filter.

For a smart toilet without a pre-filter, you can purchase an external filter and install it yourself. It will have the same effect but have the extra cost of purchasing an external filter.

7. Built-in booster pump

Water pressure is a prerequisite for most smart toilets. 

Families with low water pressure, such as those living in old residential areas, high-rise apartments, etc., can only use smart toilets that self-pressurize.

In this case, with a built-in booster pump > without a built-in booster pump.

Families with high water pressure are very high can use smart toilets with or without built-in water pumps.

In this case,  with a built-in booster pump >= without a built-in booster pump. 

8. Extra sterilization

Bacteria is easy to breed in the toilet.

Therefore, in addition to antibacterial nozzles and antibacterial toilet seats, many high-end smart toilets will also be equipped with technologies such as ultraviolet sterilization and plasma sterilization to further sterilize. 

With sterilization function > without sterilization function.

9. IPX waterproof and electricity proof

When it is not installed in a separate toilet room, the waterproofing and electricity of the smart toilet are crucial.

The IPX has eight levels, ranging from IPX-1 to IPX-8, and the waterproof capability increases with each level.

The IPX4 technology refers to splash-proof devices, which are capable of being splashed by water in any direction without causing damage.

At present, the highest IPX level for smart toilets isIPX4. 

IPX4 waterproof > no waterproof

How To Choose The Best Smart Toilet For Your Home?

Here’s a list of what you should consider when buying the best smart toilet for your home.

1. Bathroom size and the space the smart toilet requires

The size of your bathroom determines the type and size of your smart toilet and whether or not it comes with a water tank. Smart toilets with hand-side control panels take up even more space. 

As a result, the size of your bathroom is the first thing to consider

2. Reserved socket in the bathroom 

The smart toilet must be plugged in and the location of the socket is very important for the choice of the toilet.

For families planning to remodel their houses, it will be more scientific to carry out concealed engineering construction after selecting the right smart toilet.

3. Toilet pit distance

For ground drainage, the toilet pit distance means the distance between the toilet drain outlet and the backside of the toilet. 

Pit distances for ground drainage toilets are generally 250mm, 300mm, and 400mm.

It is crucial to choose the right pit distance. If with the wrong pit distance, the smart toilet can not be installed. Make sure the measure the pit distance before buying the toilet. 

4. Has the bathroom drained been altered before?

Bathrooms with traps, shifters or altered pipes can use siphonic toilets. These toilets are more likely to cause drainage issues for such bathrooms. 

Since most smart toilets are siphonic, make sure you check the drainage pipe before choosing the smart toilet and its flushing method. 

5. Water pressure

Smart toilets require minimum water pressure. Low water pressure can cause drainage problems. 

Make sure you measure your home’s water pressure before buying a smart toilet. Choose smart toilets with a built-in booster pump or with a water tank the water pressure is low. 

6. Smart toilet Brand

Brand reputation is also an important consideration when choosing the best smart toilet. 

It is best to choose a smart toilet from a well-known brand because they are known for their high-quality products. 

They have been in this business for many years and they know what their customers want and need. They also invest in research and development so that they can develop products that will suit the needs of their customers.

7. Water consumption

Choose smart toilets that are water-efficient so that you do not need to spend too much on water consumption just to use your toilet.

It’s best to go for smart toilets with the WaterSense label.

WaterSense is a water efficiency program run by the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency). It was created in partnership with the Water Efficiency Alliance to help consumers and businesses lower their water consumption. WaterSense provides information on products that are certified to use less water and save more money. 

Why Do You Trust Our Guide?

We’re in the business of helping people buy the best stuff. In the case of smart toilets, we evaluate hundreds of models and pick the top ones based on our findings. 

We also look at how popular they are on Amazon and other online stores to make sure they’re trustworthy and offer good value for money.  

We want our readers to be confident in their decision when it comes to buying the best smart toilets on the market. That’s why we’ve done the research, the comparison, and the testing that goes into creating this list. 

The products on this list are some of the best on the market, and we think you’ll agree once you try one for yourself.

What’s The Difference Between A Smart Toilet And A Smart Toilet Seat? 

Smart toiletSmart toilet seat
InstallationComplex installation and replacementFlexible and easy installation
FunctionDiversified and more advanced functions like automatic flushing, bowl deodorizationBasic functions like bidet and seat warmer
Price Smart toilets are more expensive than the smart toilet of the same brand

1. Ease of installation:

Smart toilet installation and replacement are more complicated than a smart toilet seat, making it a better option for families who build new houses or plan to remodel.

The smart toilet seat is designed to be attached directly top of an ordinary standard toilet. All you have to do is reserve the socket and make sure it’s compatible with your toilet. The installation is flexible and easy.

2. Functional difference:

In addition to all the functions of the smart toilet seat, the smart toilets also have other functions that are unique to them, such as automatic lid open/close, foot sensor, auto flush, automatic deodorization, etc.

The smart toilet seat only has basic functions such as water spray, seat heating, and air drying.

3. Price difference:

A smart toilet seat costs more than a smart toilet of the same brand.  Flagship models from high-end brands will be more expensive.

4. Advantages and disadvantages:

Smart toilets have smarter functions, like better flushing and deodorization. However, these features are costly. The installation process is usually complicated as well.

With the smart toilet seat, you will be able to upgrade your existing toilet to a technologically advanced one at an affordable cost. However, in contrast to the smart toilet, it only has basic functions. 

If the quality of your original toilet is not good enough from its own perspective (or if it’s not compatible with what we have), then it may affect how well you experience using this smart toilet seat.

5. Which one to go for?

Smart toilet seats are cost-effective, easy to install, and suitable for people who don’t plan to remodel their bathroom or have a low budget.

Smart toilets offer more functions and are suitable for people who are building or remodeling a home, as well as people with high budgets.

Your situation and budget will determine which smart toilet or smart toilet seat is right for you. 

Note de fin de page

The smart toilet is the future of sanitation and hygiene. It will help to save water, enable users to stay healthy, and last but not least make things easy for you. Compared with traditional toilets, these intelligent toilets will help reduce toilet paper consumption and cut down on your water bill. A great smart toilet also enables users to stay healthy. And heated seats on intelligent toilets make your toilet experience great in winter.

There are many advantages of having a smart toilet in your home or office, but it is important that you first know what exactly they are before buying one. We believe many smart toilets on the market are worth your money.

In this article, we have discussed the different types of smart toilets available on the market today. We have also discussed some of their features and benefits as well as their potential disadvantages.

We hope that this article has helped you to understand smart toilets better so that you can make an informed decision when buying the best smart toilets for yourself or for your home or office.

Check out our other blogs for more smart home ideas.

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